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Yellow OM Soapstone Smudge Bowl with Stand 4”

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  • Crafted from natural soapstone, this set combines beauty and purpose for smudging rituals.
  • The smudge bowl has a deep interior and a built-in holder for safe smudging with smudge sticks, herbs, or incense cones.
  • The sturdy stand ensures stability and complements the soapstone bowl’s design during ceremonies.
  • Ideal for purifying your space, smudging rituals are a time-honored tradition for removing negative energy.
  • Versatile for burning incense, resin, or herbs, making it a multi-functional addition to your spiritual toolkit.
  • This decorative accent piece adds a touch of elegance to any room, merging functionality with aesthetics for a harmonious smudging experience.


Introducing our Soapstone Smudge Bowl with Stand, a beautifully crafted tool for performing smudging rituals and ceremonies that cleanse and purify your living space. Made from natural soapstone, this set combines elegance with purpose, enhancing the spiritual and energetic atmosphere of your home.

Size: 4″ Diameter x 4″ Height x 2.5″ Base Width

Key Features:

**Natural Soapstone Craftsmanship**: Each smudge bowl and stand is meticulously carved from authentic soapstone, showcasing its natural beauty and unique veining patterns.

**Thoughtful Design**: The smudge bowl features a comfortably deep interior, allowing you to safely burn smudge sticks, herbs, or incense cones. It includes a built-in holder for these items, ensuring a secure and mess-free experience.

**Sturdy Stand**: The accompanying stand provides a safe place to rest your smudge bowl during rituals. Its robust construction enhances stability, and its design complements the soapstone bowl beautifully.

**Purify Your Space**: Use this set to perform smudging ceremonies and clear negative energy from your environment. Whether you’re starting a new chapter or simply seeking a fresh, uplifting atmosphere, smudging is a time-honored ritual for purification.

**Versatile**: Apart from smudging, this bowl can be used for burning incense, resin, or herbs, making it a versatile addition to your spiritual toolkit.

**Decorative Accent**: The soapstone’s natural elegance and the intricate carving make this smudge bowl and stand an attractive decor piece, worthy of display in any room.

Performing a smudging ceremony with this Soapstone Smudge Bowl with Stand offers a sensory experience that promotes clarity, renewal, and peace. As the cleansing smoke rises, you can usher in positive intentions and release stagnant energy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to smudging, this set offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Enhance your space’s aura, create a tranquil ambiance, and connect with the spiritual essence of smudging rituals. Let this exquisite smudge bowl and stand be your guide on a journey of purification, renewal, and positive energy. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this set embodies the timeless art of smudging and the enduring beauty of soapstone.

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