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White Sage with Orange Palo Santo and Lavender 4″

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Minimum order: 12
SKU: 57504
  • 3-4″ California White Sage smudge stick – Contains Orange, Palo Santo, and Lavender
  • Cleanses negative energy and promotes positivity
  • Uplifts mood and enhances meditation
  • Energizing with mood-boosting properties
  • Ideal for cleansing, relaxation, and spiritual practices
  • Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere
  • Minimum 12 pieces


California White Sage 3″-4″ with Orange, Palo Santo and Lavender 
The combination of White Sage, Palo Santo, Orange, and Lavender in a smudge stick offers a variety of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. White Sage is traditionally used for its powerful cleansing properties, clearing out negative energy and promoting positive vibes. It can help purify the air and create a sense of calm and clarity in a space. Palo Santo, known as “holy wood,” is another sacred plant used for energetic cleansing and spiritual purification. It has a sweet, woodsy aroma that can help uplift the mood and enhance meditation practices. Palo Santo is also believed to promote creativity and attract positive energy. Orange essential oil is known for its energizing and mood-boosting properties. It can help combat feelings of stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of joy and well-being. The fresh, citrus scent of Orange can also help purify the air and create a refreshing atmosphere. Lavender is a versatile herb that is commonly used for relaxation and stress relief. Its soothing aroma can help calm the mind, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. Lavender is also known for its antibacterial properties and can help purify the air and reduce tension in a space.
When combined in a smudge stick, these powerful ingredients work together to create a harmonious blend that can benefit both the physical and energetic body. By burning the smudge stick and spreading the smoke throughout a space, you can cleanse and purify the energy, promote relaxation, uplift the mood, and create a calming atmosphere. Whether used in meditation, prayer, ritual, or simply to enhance the energy of a room, a smudge stick containing White Sage, Palo Santo, Orange, and Lavender can be a valuable tool for holistic well-being and spiritual practice.
 *Uses: Cleansing & Purification*
Minimum Order is 12 Pieces.

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