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  • Spiritual cleansing water symbolizes purification beyond the physical realm.
  • It’s employed in cultural and religious practices to restore harmony and balance.
  • Crafted through rituals, it blends water’s purity with spiritually infused elements.
  • Ingredients like herbs, oils, or crystals are incorporated, each carrying distinct energies.
  • Ritual application, such as sprinkling or spraying, purifies spaces, objects, and individuals.
  • The process aims to expel negativity, attract positive forces, and deepen spiritual connections.
  • Can be added to a sprayer for the cleansing of a space.
  • 7.5 oz Bottles with flip top cap.
  • Minimum 6 Pcs


Spiritual cleansing water, often used in various cultural and religious practices, holds significance beyond physical purification. It's a symbolic medium to cleanse the spirit and environment, promoting harmony and balance. Created through rituals, it combines water's purity with spiritual intent. Ingredients like herbs, oils, or crystals are added, each carrying unique energies. During use, practitioners may sprinkle or spray it to cleanse spaces, objects, or themselves. The cleansing water can also be added to a bucket of mop water to transform the energy of a space or to a bath to create a sense of peace and serenity. The process aims to dispel negativity, invite positive energies, and enhance spiritual connection. It's a ritualistic bridge between the physical and metaphysical, fostering a renewed sense of tranquility and renewal.


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