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Resin incense is the original incense of temples, churches and ancient rites. It comes from refined tree and plant sap and has been used all over the world for thousands of years.
Resin incense, derived from the aromatic sap of trees, offers a natural and ancient method of air purification and creating sacred spaces. These raw fragrant granules, once harvested, dry and harden into lustrous pieces that are burned to release their mystical scents. To savor the full experience, you will need resin incense, a heat-resistant vessel (often called an incense burner or censer), and charcoal discs. First, ignite the charcoal in the censer until it glows red, signaling it's ready for use. Then, with care, sprinkle small amounts of resin onto the charcoal's surface. As the resin warms, it melts and envelops the room in its complex, therapeutic fragrance. This practice can elevate meditative sessions, spiritual rituals, or simply create a tranquil ambiance in your living space. Remember to ensure proper ventilation while enjoying this aromatic journey.

Transform your space with the essence of nature! Our premium resin incense burns pure, infusing your home with age-old fragrances that awaken the senses and soothe the soul. Elevate your atmosphere!

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Minimum Order is 12 Pieces.

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