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Black & Brown Ceramic Holder with Match Slot

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Ceramic Bowl Palo Santo Holder 

  • Sage and Palo Santo holders with match stick slots are commonly used in spiritual or cleansing rituals to clear energy, purify spaces, and create a harmonious and inviting environment. They are also popular decorative items for those who appreciate their aesthetics and cultural significance.
  • These holders serve as a beautiful and functional addition to your spiritual or decorative accessories, enhancing your smudging rituals and contributing to the ambiance of your space.
  • This bowl is designed to hold Palo Santo and/or Smudge Sticks along with Matches to light smudging herbs.
  • Looks beautiful sitting on a desk or altar and can be easily carried throughout the home, allowing the smoke to bless every inch of ones space
Color: Black and Brown
    Diameter: 5 inches 
      Opening: 3.5 inches

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