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Aura Magic Spell Candles

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Minimum order: 12
SKU: 14415
  • Introducing Magic Spell Candles, perfect for your spiritual practice
  • Amplify your intentions without fragrance distractions
  • Focus solely on the energy and intention you wish to manifest
  • Crafted with precision and care for enhanced potency
  • Made from premium, sustainable wax for a clean and steady burn
  • Each pack includes 20 candles for extended use
  • 4″ tall and 1/2″ wide size, perfect for various rituals
  • Enjoy 2-2.5 hours of burn time per candle


Introducing Magic Spell Candles, the perfect companions for your spiritual practice. Crafted with precision and care, our candles are designed to amplify your intentions without the distraction of fragrance.

Ignite the power of your rituals with these unscented candles, allowing you to focus solely on the energy and intention you wish to manifest. Each candle is thoughtfully created using high-quality materials, ensuring a clean and even burn that enhances the potency of your spells and rituals.

Crafted to the highest standards of craftsmanship, these candles are made from premium, sustainable wax that ensures a long-lasting and steady flame. Their slow-burning nature allows you to immerse yourself fully in the ritual, creating a serene and focused environment.

Each Pack Includes 20 Candles

Assorted Colors-Each Box Can Differ

Size: 4″ Tall 1/2″ Wide

Burn Time: 2-2.5 hrs each

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