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4″-5″ Turkey Smudge Feather

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Minimum order: 24
SKU: 57494
  • Ethically sourced from humanely raised turkeys
  • Symbol of abundance, protection, and wisdom in various cultures
  • Earthy colors and unique patterns for natural elegance
  • Lightweight and flexible for precise smudging control
  • Ideal for distributing smoke evenly during cleansing rituals
  • Eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials, promoting sustainability.
  • Size: 4″-5″
  • Min. 24 pcs.


Our exquisite Turkey Smudge Feathers will elevate your smudging rituals to a whole new level of serenity and purity. These premium feathers are sourced from ethically raised turkeys, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and spiritual significance. Each feather embodies a harmonious blend of natural beauty and profound cultural significance, making it the perfect tool for your smudging practices.


Size: 4″-5″

Min. 24 pcs.

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